Dining Options

Communal table family style dining experience with dishes personalised according to guests’ preferences.

Private Kitchen-style with customized menu or set menu that consists with 6 – 8 courses

Pop-up events: We regularly host pop-up events with our venue partner, featuring guest chefs who are ready to share their passion in food and their stories behind the menu. You will get to socialise and meet new friends while enjoying live music or performances by local artists.

Since starting the Urban Health Home Kitchen in 2013, we are very grateful and thankful for the all the positive reviews of our intimate and unique private dining experience and cooking workshops from our local and international supporters. Because of them, we have enjoyed the honour of being at the #1 spot on TripAdvisor since June 2014.

In order to carry on our mission to bring more healthy. allergy-friendly and homey foods to the public, we officially rebranded our Home Kitchen to Urban Health Pop-up Kitchen in March 2015.

Pop-up kitchen is designed to offer both locals and international diners alike a homely and personalised dining environment, and we cater to small groups, private bookings, and corporate functions.

As an option, my partner and I will dine with guests, sharing cultural and travel tips. Like many of our diners, you may not be sure of what to expect from this new dining concept of dining with strangers. Most of your dining peers will be local and international travellers, and you might just find yourself having an awesome night eating a wonderfully healthy meal, while having conversations with strangers. You might even become best friends by the end of the night!

We are able to cater to our guests’ special dietary requirements and needs. Let us know of your condition and requirements when making your reservation, and we’ll do our very best to create a menu that is specially tailored to your preferences.

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Our Intuitive Cooking Workshops are suitable for both private groups and corporate team building events.

Unlike traditional workshops, we do not offer printed recipes to participants. The idea is for you to not just learn how to make the dishes that are being taught that day, but more so to inspire the chef in you to go home and experiment freely on your own, as we encourage you to cook based on your own taste and senses.

We are in the business of encouraging and empowering people who normally do not cook for themselves, maybe because they do not have a recipe, or they think they have to follow a recipe in order to cook an awesome meal. The fact is, you can trust yourself and experiment with different ingredients. You might surprise yourself and even your loved ones.

If you are an international traveler or have recently relocated to Hong Kong, we also offer a optional complimentary local wet market tour with our cooking workshops, where you get to hand-pack your ingredients and cook the dishes yourself.


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