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Urban Health provides consultation services to the F&B and hospitality industries on comprehensive safety best practices when serving customers with gluten and other allergies. Our aim is to empower the staff of your establishment to reduce the anxiety of dealing with customers with allergies or any other dietary requirements.

Remember, like most people, people living with dietary restrictions do not dine out alone; most dine out with friends and family in a group. Our service increases your potential customer base by enabling you to cater safely to the followers of one of the world’s fastest growing diet phenomenon.

In addition, we offer a similar service to help individuals who are new to the diet with their transition. We also provide training for personal chefs and helpers.

Service Overview

Implementation Timeline

Menu Review & GF Menu Creation

We review your current menu and select the most suitable dish to offer a gluten-free option


Verify that incoming ingredients and final dishes are gluten-free using scientific methods that are able to detect gluten levels as little as 5ppm

Kitchen Site Check

We conduct site checks with your staff to identify critical control points and potential cross-contact hazards

Practice + Implementation

We conduct dry runs of your custom protocol prior to launching your allergy-friendly menu

Follow Up

We follow up with you and your staff to check in on your customer feedback and address the challenges you may have faced

Business OWNERS Would you like to learn more about how we can help you turn your establishment into an allergy-friendly place?

INDIvIDUALS New to the gluten-free diet? We can help with your transition by providing advice and tips!

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