Urban Health is a wellness platform established to promote a holistic lifestyle for urbanites by collaborating with the local and international health and wellness community. Our focus is in specialty catering, where we specialise in offering a gluten-free / allergy-free dining experience to both locals and international travellers alike. We also serve individuals with other special dietary requirements, so just let us know when you make your reservation!

On our website. we share informative topics on fitness, cooking recipes, nutrition, wellness, and we even have a map of gluten/allergy-free shops and restaurants.

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Our Founders

Urban Health was founded by a group of friends who share a strong passion for healthy food and are health conscious individuals.

While living in Asia, each of the founders developed different food-related allergies and intolerances. After experiencing first-hand the difficulties from living with specific dietary restrictions in a limited market setting, they decided to join hands to help build a stronger health conscious community.

They aim to achieve this goal by collaborating with other partners and like-minded businesses within the health & wellness industry, offering allergy-friendly products and services such as cooking workshops, private dining events, pop-up kitchen events and consultation services to further promote living and eating well in urban environment with a holistic approach.

Our Mission

“Back to Basics”

When caught up in the fast pace of an urban setting, we frequently forget the basic aspects that make up a healthy lifestyle.

Urban Health promotes a healthy lifestyle using a “Back to Basics” approach, which works to connect consumers with products that provide the essential elements needed to live well.