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Upcoming Urban Health Pop-Up Event ~ A trip from Africa to Asia with Prana Yum


With our Pop-Up Kitchen concept in full-swing, in the upcoming month of April we are delighted to hold our first pop-up guest chef event along with Seema Bhatia ~  founder of Prana Yum for a night of adventure, featuring healthy yummy vegetarian homey foods from Africa and Asia along with a live performance from an amazing local singer, song writer and Ukulele player – Vanessa Gold at Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard, our pop-up partnering cafe.

16th April Thursday, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

General ticket : $400 ++ (Use promotional code “UHfansT01” to get discounted on ticket)
Ticketing URL: EventBrite

Menu of the Night

Yellow Lentils with pumpkin . Chef Seema
Quinoa & brown rice with cilentro . Chef Seema 
Turmeric Cabbage Okra stir-fry . Chef Andy
Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu . Chef Andy
Mini Chia seed pudding . Chef Seema
Turmeric shots . Chef Seema

All foods are naturally gluten-free, vegetarian, utilizing organic ingredients wherever possible.
All alcoholic drinks at the Café are sold at Happy Hour rate all night.
**Allergen warning ** some dishes contain dairy and soy

Urban Health Pop-Up Launch Party

Amazing March! That’s what we call the past month for Urban Health as we publicly launched our new Pop-Up Kitchen concept.

It has been a fantastic journey and a testament to the effort put in over the past few years as we invited friends from the media, partnering sponsors and health industry to grace our Urban Health Pop-Up Kitchen Launch Party. This new concept aims to bring healthy, low allergen home-cooked foods, social events, and live entertainment to a location near you. Chef Andy will hand-pick and feature chefs who have stories behind their recipes, and local artistes, as he always puts it, with pop-up kitchen, it will always be a new dining experience every time.

It was a delight working with our key sponsors for this Launch Party – The Cafe Minstrel, a wonderful online bakery run by Maria de Guia, a lovely and heartfelt baker; Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard, our newest pop-up location addition with an intimate and cozy setting which sits perfectly with our kitchen theme; and Saiwanese Wine, a local boutique startup. Special thanks go to Choice Healthy Foods for sponsoring their delicious gluten free and healthy bread; Anything but Salads for bringing us their amazing raw pumpkin cake! Of course, last but not least, a huge thank you to Teressa Siu, the multi-talented, award-winning reporter and founder of Lotuslife.tv for giving her time to be our emcee at the event.


Surprise amazing raw pumpkin cake! Thanks @Anything but Salads!


Thank you @Teressa for emceeing for the day! 


Big Thank You to our dear key sponsors ~ @Maria, The Cake Minstrel & @Saiwanese Wine & @Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard!

Along with putting the word out with this Launch Party, we hope to reach out to even more people with our pop-up theme. Look forward to our pop-up guest events as well as our pop-up kitchen dining. After event thoughts from Chef Andy –

It feels absolutely wonderful that Urban Health has been and continues to be blessed by so many friends and partners in the industry in fulfilling our mission towards building a more health conscious city, keeping alive the amazing recipes of “mom’s best food”, and making it available to everyone.We are really grateful to be a part of the journey towards changing the perception that eating healthy, low-allergen foods is boring and tasteless. I just cannot tell you how excited I am about what is to come!

~ Chef Andy

The SuperBerries


When I talk about strawberries and raspberries, memories of fruits salads, summer puddings and dollops of cream are fondly remembered from years past. Now fast forward 20 years and we now have ample clinical research to justify a second serving of these fruits without feeling guilty about our waistlines or any negative effects on health, even with added cream!

I class the berry fruits as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries and blackberries. These fruits contain vitamins, minerals and Phyto-nutrients which have profound effects on our metabolism. For this post I’ll be focusing on the phyto-nutrients only. All of these fruits contain anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients which have been shown to have strong anti-cancer effects. They fall into various categories […] Read more

Reposted article on the benefits of superberries from one of our Urban Health friend, Miles Price.

He is a Clinical Nutritionist and  Functional Medicine practitioner, focusing on providing better choices for cancer patients.

Tree Life Products

We all know about the health benefits of coconut oil and sugar, and below are some of the best-sellers products from our partner supplier TreeLife and more information on exclusive discounts for Urban Health Fans for their products.

Coconatura Organic Coconut Sugar

  • USDA and CERES-Certified Organic coconut sugar, made from the finest sap of the coconut shrub. Low glycemic, rich in vitamins and minerals; Completely natural; Delicious tangy taste.
  • Can be used as a fresh and natural tasting sweetener or baking / cooking ingredient
  • Packaging ~  In convenient re-sealable 250g pack or extremely convenient sachet form.

**Discounted Product Offer for all Urban Health readers at HKD $30.50

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • USDA and CERES-Certified Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil
  • Made from the finest mature fresh coconuts, with excellent aroma and taste, consistent quality and texture
  • Packaging ~ 500ml sealed jar. Also available in available in 1 kg re-sealable pack

**Discounted Product Offer for all Urban Health readers at HKD $112 per 500ml jar

Crispy Banana Chips

  • All-natural banana chips made from the finest saba bananas
  • Ingredients include all natural coconut oil and coconut sugar, No preservatives or coloring, zero transfat.
  • Distinct aroma and crispy texture, abit of smoky aftertaste.
  • Packaging ~ In re-sealable foil pack

**Discounted Product Offer for all Urban Health readers at HKD $34 per pack

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