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Re-launching of Urban Health Popup Kitchen + Andy’s Corner

As many of you might know that we have been #1 on Tripadvisor for our private dining and cooking workshop experience for sometime, we are super thankful and grateful to all of our locals and international supporters. In order to carry on our mission to bring more healthy and allergy-free homey foods to the public, we are re-launching Urban Health Home Kitchen as Urban Health Pop-Up Kitchen.

We will be organizing a launch party on March 21, Saturday from 3pm – 5pm, at Opendoor Café and Courtyard. Come check out this awesome pop-up venue location for our future pop-up events, food tasting, drinks and more. I will be sharing with you our future plan for Urban Health Pop-up Kitchen, and what to expect in our future events.

RSVP by sending an email with your full name to , or leave us a message on our Facebook Page or our website.


Interview with Maria de Guia of The Cake Minstrel

UH: Tell us your story, what motivated you to start your gluten free bakery business?
MD: I was baking using wheat flours up until 2 years ago. When I confirmed that the niggling stomach pains I constantly experienced were due to gluten intolerance, I decided to switch to using gluten-free flours in my baked goods. It was also at that time that I had to start minding my gluten intake. I also realized that it’s not so easy to find gluten-free cakes and other baked goods here in Hong Kong. Hence I decided to go into the baking business full-time.

The Cake Minstrel has been in operation since November 2014. We currently sell our products at the Sunday Markets around Hong Kong and take orders online.

Tell us a bit more about your aim for The Cake Minstrel
My aim is to make it easy for gluten-intolerants to find some tasty treats and for the non-gluten free eaters to enjoy something other than wheat-based cakes. By the way, most of our products are lactose-free as well, so they are also suitable for lactose-intolerants.

My ultimate goal is to have The Cake Minstrel products in mainstream cafes and food outlets, so that everyone can enjoy a treat whenever they want.

Tell us your experience with using our GlutenTox Pro test kit. How did you find the product? What’s your motivation in including the test kits in your production process?
I first used the GlutenTox Pro test kit when I began using a shared-kitchen facility. I tested my workspace first to see what the gluten level was like. Of course, I was very cautious of my work environment and made sure that I used my own equipment and cleaning materials. The workbench was always wiped down first and layered with foil (yes, there was loads of foil sacrificed at that time) so that none of the baking equipment and containers would touch the workbench surface. I also brought my own cleaning products (sponge/dish cloth). I didn’t leave any of my equipment at the kitchen to make sure no one else would use them.

I wanted to make sure that the gluten in my baked goods remain at acceptable levels since I was baking in a non-gluten free kitchen. I therefore test each batch of product after they have been baked. None of the products have shown any detectable sign of gluten above 5ppm. The test kit is really easy to use and gives me assurance that I am providing products that are safe for highly gluten-sensitive individuals to consume.

What kind of pastry do you make and how can people order?
The Cake Minstrel makes cakes, cupcakes, cookies and breads that are gluten-free and lactose-free. A couple of our products – carrot cake and donuts – are also egg-free. At the moment, customers can request our product list and place an order via email at

If you are a Health Essential customer and shop online with them, you can order bread from The Cake Minstrel directly and have it included in your Health Essential delivery too!

Can you let us know what are your best selling baked goods, photos and name of the products?

Chocolate-Orange cupcake with chocolate ganache
These are sold as cakes too

Carrot cupcake with toasted coconut frosting
This is gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free. Customers are always surprised by how moist this cake is and it is very tasty, even though it contains no milk and no egg. By the way, if you’re not lactose-intolerant, we do offer the option of ordering this with a cream cheese frosting.

The Cacao Nibs cookies
These cookies have become the mainstay of our Sunday market stalls. These cookies are similar to choc-chip cookies, we are probably the only cake shop which uses raw cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips.

The Cake Minstrel is delighted to offer Urban Health readers 10% discount on their first order.

Please email and quote “Urban Health” to receive a 10% discount on your next order!

Introducing TreeLife, our supplier for high quality coconut oil

treelife-logoAt Urban Health Pop-Up Kitchen and cooking demonstration events, our chef uses healthy coconut oil and coconut sugar in many of our dishes. Some of you might wonder which brand of coconut oil and sugar Urban Health Pop-Up Kitchen uses? Guess no further, this month product featuring we introduce to you the supplier of our coconut oil!

Words from TreeLife, our supplier for coconut oil and sugar ~

TreeLife  specializes in sourcing and distribution of premium quality organic and natural products like organic coconut products, dried fruits , raw nuts, organic tea, handcrafted natural body care products.

Representing the best of the industry for more than 20 years, we have built the backbone for wholesale distribution integrated with marketing, product and brand development, and supply / inventory / distribution chain management systems.

We are proud to present the exclusive product line of the highest quality from Tree Life Ltd.

Visit their website at

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