May 2014–Celiac Awareness Month

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This is a breakthrough time for the gluten-free communities of Asia. Many in Asia may be unaware that they are living with celiac disease, or have gluten allergies or intolerances. This lack of diagnosis is a result of the common misconception that difficulties with gluten are a solely Western problem.

Take a look at this article by our fellow gluten-free support group in the States, on the importance of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease awareness.

In order to promote gluten awareness in Hong Kong, we have dedicated a series of blog posts to introduce various restaurants and shops that are supportive and cater to the needs of the gluten-free community. Alongside, we will provide a list of our very own special recommendations for you try. Taking a global perspective, we will additionally showcase an overseas restaurant or shop.

We would like to thank these establishments for accommodating and understanding the needs and requirements of gluten-free diets. This is especially important to those who know first-hand the struggles of being gluten-free in Asia. We cannot overemphasize our gratitude toward these establishments for their hard work in understanding gluten-free diets, providing gluten-free dishes on their menu and carrying gluten-free products in their shops.



Yolanda Che, the owner of WelSpring, has been an avid supporter of the gluten-free community. She believes in implementing natural, organic, gluten-free, fair trade, vegetarian, and/or raw quality products to help people live healthier lifestyles. With her stamp of approval, it is certain that WelSpring’s supply of gluten-free products are of the best quality. Below are three popular products she carries.

Dr. Bronner’s – Fair Trade Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Great for vegans, lactose intolerants, raw foodies, gluten-intolerants. Use it to replace butter and oil. Fair trade certified, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and trans fat free. Also apply it to your skin and hair for extra nourishment.

Ginger People – Original Ginger Chews

America’s #1 selling ginger candy and winner of Fiery Food Association’s Scovie Award for “Best Candy,” our Gin Gins® Original Chewy Ginger Candy are natural, stimulating and delicious. It is gluten-free too!

Popcorners – Kettle Popcorn Chips

Sweet and salty chips which are both natural and gluten-free.

Dandy’s Organic Cafe

Dandy's Organic Cafe

Vivi Cheung, Chef and owner of Dandy’s Café in Sheung Wan, has achieved celebrity status in Hong Kong, appearing in numerous newspapers and magazines. What stands out most about Vivi though, is that she is one of the first chefs in Hong Kong to understand gluten sensitivities/allergies and cater her food to the gluten-free community. Props to Vivi for providing us with delicious gluten-free cuisine, only found at Dandy’s café!

Here are 3 yummy gluten-free recommendations from us off her menu. Try out these dishes the next time you visit her!

Chicken Steak with Roasted Vegetables and Green Salad Pesto Sauce


Seafood Risotto with Seafood Cheese Sauce (Big Scallop, Sole Fish & Sea Bass Fillet)


Basil Chili Mushroom & Vegetables with Brown Rice


Something Fresh

Something Fresh

New kids on the block – Something Fresh, online food delivery and catering, brings gluten-free packed lunches and dinners straight to your door. They have been a strong supporter of gluten-free peeps by offering gluten-free options in their packed meals. Something Fresh is helping to make it conveniently delicious for people who need gluten-free food whilst on the go. Here are three amazing gluten free options from Something Fresh:

Curried Quinoa with Roasted Cauliflower and Peas


Mushroom Quisotto


Three Bean Salad


Just Green

Just Green

Organic convenience store Just Green is no stranger to most gluten-free and organic conscious people. Just Green was one of the first stores in Hong Kong to provide gluten-free products on their shelves. They began business from a small outfit in Lamma Island, and have since branched out to a series of different locations across Hong Kong.

Below are their top 3 recommended best sellers:

  1. Sea Tangle Kelp Noodle
  2. Mary’s Gone Crackers
  3. Udi’s Gluten Free Omega Flax & Fiber Bread


Life Organic Restaurant & Bar


Situated at a prime location in Soho, Life Organic Restaurant & Bar hosts a wide range of healthy and delicious food, including many gluten-free options. As an added plus, Life operates as an eco-friendly sustainable business. They are well known in Hong Kong for their signature salads, international dishes and organic baking, made daily from scratch by their chefs. Life Cafe provides a plethora of gluten-free options on their menu.

Remember to check out these gluten-free options on their menu when dining there next: Gluten Free Capital V Pizza, Gluten Free Felafel Sandwich, Gluten Free Life Burger.

Sweet Secrets

Sweet Secrets

Sweet Secrets is a long-standing Hong Kong patisserie that has recently experimented with gluten-free cupcakes and cakes. They have kindly provided us with a series of lovely photos of their new line-up. Be sure to check on their series of tasty gluten-free desserts soon!

Gluten-Free Divine Carrot Cupcake


Gluten-Free Crazy Banana Cupcake


Gluten-Free Carrot Cake




Who says Italian restaurants cannot be gluten-free? Sheung Wan’s 208 provides an exquisite series of gluten-free options on their menu. Since opening their doors, the restaurant has been doing everything they can to cater their menu to the gluten-free community. Take a look at the top 4 gluten-free options on their menu.


Vitello Tonnato – Veal tenderloin, caper berries, tuna sauce


Carpaccio di Polpo e Salsa Cruda – Spanish octopus, black olives, tomato, basil cress, capers


Filetto d’Agnello del Colarodo – roast lamb tenderloin, artichokes, asparagus, broad beans


Porchetta e Cannolicchi – slow-roasted pork belly, razor clams, applesauce


Choice Bakery

Choice Bakery

Choice Bakery in Aberdeen is Hong Kong’s first Gluten-Free bakery! Lfat Kafry Hindes, close friend to many in the Hong Kong gluten-free community, has suffered first hand from gluten-intolerance. She established the bakery in order to provide healthily delicious breads and pastries to the neighbourhood.

When visiting her in Aberdeen, remember to order her top 3 Best Sellers:


Chocolate Chip Cookies – These are made with buckwheat and powered with vitamin B12, chocolates are soy-free, dairy-free and junky-junk free! Perfect for vegans.


Vanilla Delight Cake hidden, made with green veggies, 100% plant based flours and vanilla


Green Monster Smoothie jam packed with nutritious green veggies and fruits. Definitely a treat for kids and adults!



In our special segment, we will introduce an inspiring gluten-free establishment located overseas. In our current May Celiac Awareness newsletter, we would like to focus and encourage efforts made in other Asian countries. To start off we will introduce Jonathan’s, the first gluten-free bakery cafe in Singapore.



Café owner, Gabriel Lee, was inspired by his brother-in-law, Jonathan (hence the café’s name) to open up a safe and friendly eating establishment for those with celiac or severe gluten-sensitivities. Please do drop by their cafe if you are looking for a great place for gluten-free diet brunch in Singapore!


Red Velvet Cupcakes


Lemon Meringue Cake


Flourless Chocolate Cake


New Product – Chocolate Profiterole

Promotion from WelSpring

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